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Health & Wellness

Trails and multi-use paths Transform Communities! 


Investing in Trails and Multi-use paths has been proven to increase health, safety, access, tax revenue, tourism, urban redevelopment and leads to community improvements, increased property value, job creation and so much more!

More walkable and bike-able places not only increase

public health but also perform better economically



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Creating trails has been shown to increase property values

and attract homeowners in cities and states around the nation.

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Trails mean business!  According to many studies, business owners near located near

bicycle and pedestrian friendly infrastructure have reported an increase in revenue after trails are built.  


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Trails increase public health and safety by providing access to dedicated pathways where people of all ages can enjoy a more active lifestyle, improve wellness and save money on medical costs related to lack of physical exercise.


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We compiled this data from the following sources.  Below are links to the entire documents and these great organizations! 

Advocacy Advance

Bicycling Means Business:

The Economic Benefits of Bicycle Infrastructure 


Adventure Cycling: 

Health Benefits


American Trails 

Economic Benefits