F.A.Q's: Museum Trail

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: What is the Museum Trail? 

A: Formerly known as the “Museum to Market Trail”, the Museum Trail is a 2.5 mile multi-use path that will connect downtown Jackson to Lakeland Drive, connecting 6 museums, 3 parks and the Mississippi Farmer’s Market. 


Q: Is the Trail paid for? What are you raising funds for? 

A: The funds that will make the Museum Trail possible were awarded as part of a Transportation Enhancement grant from MDOT, awarded to the city of Jackson. The grant covered 80% of the cost of the Trail and the remaining 20% was matched by the City and private donations.  While the grant received covers the cost of the actual Trail, private funds are being raised by the Jxn Trailblazers to pay for amenities for the trail. Amenities may include lighting, water foundations, landscaping and benches. 

Q: Who are the Jxn Trailblazers? 

A: The Jxn Trailblazers are a group of volunteers who serve as a "Friends of the Museum Trail" group. We are people like YOU who want to inspire a passion for multi-use paths and trails in the city of Jackson. We are volunteers who believe in the power of paths and trails because we know that they can transform communities. Trailblazers are walkers, runners, bicycle riders, nature lovers, explorers and advocates who want to inspire a passion for more multi-use paths and trails in the city of Jackson. 


Q: I’d like to support the effort to raise funds for Trail amenities, how do I make a donation

A: The Jxn Trailblazers and the Museum Trail private funds are managed by the Jackson Heart Foundation. Any donation checks should be made out to the Jackson Heart Foundation with a note included that funds are for the Museum Trail or Jxn Trailblazers. 


Q: What will the Trail be made of and will motorized vehicles or dirt-bikes be allowed? 

A: The Museum Trail is a 10 foot wide multi-use path, made of asphalt and open only to NON-motorized recreational use such as bicycles, skateboards, walkers, runners and strollers. 


Q: How will it keep cars stay off of the trail? 

A: Much like the trails in Ridgeland, Hattiesburg and other parts of the state, concrete bollards or other physical barriers will be in place at the entry points of the Trail. The Trail will be designed to reflect best practices and standard designs of similar multi-use paths across the nation. 


Q: Where are the access points to the Trail?
A:  There will be a trailhead at the old gravel parking lot at the corner of Moody Street and Greymont Avenue in Belhaven Heights.  Access will also be available on the southern end of the Trail near Belhaven Heights Park and the Mississippi Farmer’s Market located on High Street, we anticipate additional access near the end of Laurel Street and at a designated spot near the Museums on the northern end of the Trail. 


Q: How will the Trail be maintained? 

A: Maintenance of the Trail will be a combined effort of the City of Jackson and the Friends of the Museum Trail, (aka the “Jxn Trailblazers”).  The Jxn Trailblazers are currently raising funds to help address issues of maintenance and to provide amenities along the trail, such as benches, water fountains and to help address issues pertaining to safety, security and landscaping.


Q: What is the long-term plan for the Museum Trail? Are there other trails or paths in the works? 

A: The Jxn Trailblazers are working to advocate for more trails and paths all over the city of Jackson.  Museum Trail is the centerpiece of a larger plan to build paths and trails in the City of Jackson and to connect to additional paths and trails in Central Mississippi. Additional paths and trails such as the LeFleur East Trail, the little J, multi-use paths along N. State street and many others in the works! 

Q: Why has the area for the Trail been cleared but the Trail has not yet started? 

A: Before work for the Museum Trail can, the City of Jackson had to repair a broken water line. This line had to be replaced regardless of the Trail. This water line replacement will help to provide water capacity to south Jackson and downtown Jackson and will also help to decrease the amount of water outages. The waterline replacement has begun with an expectation of 9 months for completion. UPDATE: The City of Jackson was able to repair the line and construction can now move forward!  


Q: When is the Museum Trail expected to be completed? 

A: The Museum Trail can begin after the water-line has been completed repaired and replaced. The official ground breaking was held in July 2020 with an expected opening in Fall of 2020.

Q: What is the current planned path for the entire Trail? 

A: The current plan for the Trail runs from High Street through the back of Belhaven Heights and Belhaven, with the paved section ending at the end of Laurel Street.  The Trail will then become a signed bike “route” along Myrtle Street and onto Riverside Drive toward Museum Drive and ending near the entrance to the Mississippi's Children's Museum.  

Q: Where can I keep up with the latest on the Museum Trail? 

A: You can visit the Museum Trail’s Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/museumtrail for the most up to date information.